Peter Brandes

To see Abraham - ordinary edition
DKK 750,00
€ 101,35

Year: 2014
Pages: 80
Edition: 250 signed og numbered copies
Photos: More than 30 colour reproductions.
Size: 30 x 43 cm.
Produkt no.: At se Abraham - alm. bogudgave
ISBN: 978-87-997562-2-3
Editor: Galerie Moderne Silkeborg & Forlaget Wunderbuch.
Writers: Edited by Peter Brandes

In a series with more than thirty drawings wants Peter Brandes to make a conversation with Soeren Kierkegaards "Fear and trembling" with first exodus and indirectly with the long iconographic tradition about the episode, where God demands Abraham to sacrifice his own son Isaac.  All drawings are reproduced in full original size.
The preface/essay is written by the philosopher Ettore Rocca.

There is also a special edition of the book published in only fifty cpoies - signed and numbered with roman numerals which included a signed and numbered woodcut printed by the artist on handmade Japan Kochi paper - pasted on Arches Velin paper.
Please contact the gallery for buying this special edition.