Sales and delivery terms for purchase of items at

1. Purpose and scope of general conditions
These terms and conditions apply to all purchases of items made on All information on the website (incl. these terms and conditions) and in connection with placing an order are in Danish and the agreement is concluded in Danish. These termsand conditions are accepted when placing an order and they will be accessible on and will be send upon request from Galerie Moderne Silkeborg by email or regular post.

2. Order Acceptance and Agreement

2.1 Order procedure
Prior to the final placing of the order, you will on the website be presented with the total price of ordered items, incl. delivery costs and other possible fees/costs, and you will prior to the final placing of the order be given the opportunity to correct any errors.

After the final placing of the order, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your order, including your order number, name and address, payment method, delivery address, list of ordered items and an expected delivery date.

You are encouraged to review the order confirmation and notify Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, if the order confirmation does not match your order. You are encouraged to save and possibly print the order confirmation.

The order will be stored by Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, but will not - besides the order confirmation - be accessible to you after the ordering.

Final agreement between you and Galerie Moderne Silkeborg is considered to be concluded when Galerie Moderne Silkeborg has confirmed the order, as the reservation in clause 8.2 is still valid. Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will as soon as possible notify you if a reservation, e.g. the items are sold out, is claimed.

You are responsible and bear the risk that the information you have entered is correct, as Galerie Moderne Silkeborg does not subsequently validate or verify this information.

2.2 The order confirmation and invoice
Immediately after your order is given, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will send an order confirmation by email. If you wish to receive an invoice please contact Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

3. Prices and payment

3.1 Prices and currency
The current price is the one stated on the website for the item concerned on the day of the order, subject to defects (see below). The item is settled in DKK and all prices, charges and costs are listed in DKK on the website and the order confirmation. All prices listed are incl. taxes and VAT - exempt prices of unique items which are not subject to VAT. Contact Galerie Moderne Silkeborg for further inquiries.

Subject to defects regarding prices and measures, as well as sold out items.

3.2 Delivery costs
All prices are incl. delivery and shipment in Denmark. Delivery and shipment abroad - contact Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

3.3 Payment by debit Cards
Payment can only be made with acknowledged debit Cards, which are shown on the website in connection with your payment. The amount will be deducted when the item has been shipped.

Payments at are handled by Quickpay.
Quickpay Payment Solution is based on the [SSL Standard], which means that the information provided in connection with the payment transaction is protected by encryption. Card and account information is forwarded encrypted for redemption and validation and the information is neither registered nor stored by Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

3.4 Delayed payment
The payment will be due at the time of shipment of the item, and the shipment is subject to coverage for the payment.

Delayed payment, e.g. if the amount can not be withdrawn from your account, or if the payment illegitimately is stopped or illegitimately is required to be returned, accrues a revocation fee of DKK 100 per reminder (up to three reminders). Galerie Moderne Silkeborg sends a maximum of three reminders, after which the claim is collected.

Default interest from the due date accrues in accordance with the Danish Interest Act, until payment is made.

4. Delivery

4.1 Place of delivery and method
Delivery is made at your stated address. Shipping of graphics, posters, merchandise and books/catalogs is carried out by PostNord or another shipping company. When purchasing unique items, you will be contacted regarding delivery. Unique items come with own cars or art transportation.

4.2 Delivery time
You will receive an email when your order is shipped from Galerie Moderne Silkeborg - usually within 1-3 business days. Since Galerie Moderne Silkeborg can not guarantee local delivery conditions, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg can not accurately indicate when the item is delivered to your address.

If the shipment of the ordered items is delayed, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg informs you as soon as possible to your stated email address.

5. Right of withdrawal

5.1 14-day right of withdrawal
If you regret your purchase, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg gives you full return for 14 days after receipt of the item. Items which are in substantially the same condition and quantity as at the reception can thus be returned to Galerie Moderne Silkeborg at the address mentioned in clause 5.3.

Return can be done as follows:

1) Return the item at Galerie Moderne Silkeborg's business address within 14 days of receipt of the item,

2) submit the item for shipment to Galerie Moderne Silkeborg at a freight company within 14 days of your receipt of the item (and you are encouraged to ensure proof of shipment), or

3) fail to receive the item when it arrives or fail to pick up the item at the post office, e.g.

You bear the risk that the returned item is properly packaged. You are therefore encouraged to store the packaging, until you are sure that you will keep the item.

5.2 Return
Items returned should be accompanied by either order confirmation, invoice or similar documentation in original or copy, stating your bank account, for which the purchase price can be transferred.

You will incur the shipping costs associated with the return of the item to Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

The amount that you have paid for the item in question, incl. delivery costs, will be refunded after the return of the item. The amount will be returned immediately after Galerie Moderne Silkeborg has received the item and has had the opportunity to check the item, which will basically take place within 8 days of receipt of the item.

5.3 Return Address
Any inquiries regarding the right of withdrawal or return of items can be made at the following address and contact information:

Galerie Moderne Silkeborg
Hostrupsgade 39
8600 Silkeborg
VAT NO.: DK 32 59 37 98


Phone: +45 86 81 44 44

6. Errors and omissions (defects) - complaint

6.1 General
You are encouraged to review and inspect the item immediately after receipt, incl. checking if the item is damaged and whether it corresponds to the item ordered.

6.2 24 months' deadline for all items
You have 24 months warranty on all items. You can not claim any defects that appear later than 24 months after delivery.

Any defects must be invoked within a reasonable time after these were discovered, or should have been discovered. If advertised within two months after the defect has been discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

The warranty applies only to defects present at the time of delivery and not defects, incl. wear and tear, resulting from improper use contrary to user/maintenance instructions or damage to the item after your receipt.

6.3 Complaints and returns
Return of items which are defective, incl. in connection with repair or replacement, takes place at the expense of Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, but at your risk, and you are always encouraged to pack the item properly upon return. In connection with the return, please state the defect and you are encouraged to attach a copy of the order confirmation or invoice.

Return or complaint must be made to the address mentioned in clause 5.3.

6.4 Repair and replacement
If the item arrives within the period mentioned in clause 6.2, and you have discovered defects that you have advertised in a timely manner, you have the following choices:

1. Remedying the defect,
2. delivery of another item that is in accordance with the agreement (replacement),
3. suitable discount in the purchase price, or
4. termination of the purchase if the defect is not insignificant.

You can not request remediation or redeployment if this is impossible or will inflict excessive costs on Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

If Galerie Moderne Silkeborg offers remediation or replacement, you can not claim a refund in the purchase price or cancellation of the purchase.

Galerie Moderne Silkeborg must meet requirements for defects within a reasonable time. If this does not happen, you may require a suitable discount in the purchase price, cancellation of the purchase, or replacement.

If remediation is not possible, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will refund the purchase price, incl. your documented expenses associated with the return.

6.5 Responsibility
Galerie Moderne Silkeborg accepts no responsibility for you, beyond what is stated in the above provisions. Galerie Moderne Silkeborg can in no case be held liable for indirect loss, incl. consequential damages.

7. Personal Information

7.1 Processing of personal data
Galerie Moderne Silkeborg is subject to the Danish Personal Data Act and any processing of personal data is subject to the Personal Data Act. Galerie Moderne Silkeborg is, in accordance with the Personal Data Act, considered as Data Controller of the information about you and visitors to

No personal information recorded by Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will be transferred, sold or made available to third parties, except disclosure is necessary to fulfill the agreement, e.g. disclosure of information to freight company etc. All information is stored in a reliable manner and is only made available to trusted employees at Galerie Moderne Silkeborg.

The website uses cookies for managing the contents of the shopping cart and other functionalities. A cookie is the name of a file that is stored on your PC.

The website also uses cookies for log statistics. Log statistics mean that a statistic-system collects anonymous information that can provide a statistical view of how many visitors the website has had from which website the visitor comes from where they come from (online advertising campaigns, banner ads, links, etc.), how many pages and which are opened on the website, as well as which pages the site has left, etc. Cookies are only used for optimizing the website and its functionalities, thereby making the shopping experience as easy and user-friendly as possible, as well as to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts (ad campaigns, etc.).

When purchasing on the website, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will require your name, address, phone number, email address and payment card number to effect the order, which is used solely for processing the order. The "contract" (purchase agreement) is not stored at Galerie Moderne Silkeborg in a way so that you can log in and view/change status.

In addition, your IP address is registered, from which the purchase is made. The information will normally not be used any further, but can be used in a possible police investigation. All fake orders are filed.

7.2 Newsletter
You can optionally get your email address on a mailing list at Galerie Moderne Silkeborg and thereafter receive news and other information from Galerie Moderne Silkeborg on a regular basis. This service can be registered and unsubscribed at the website at any time and without cost.

7.3 Right of access and right of objection regarding personal data
You can contact Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, cf. the information listed in clause 10 below, if you want information about which data is registered and processed about you. Based on possible objections Galerie Moderne Silkeborg will make deletion and/or correction to the extent desired by you, provided this will not prevent the purchase's orders fulfillment, or be in violation of the law.

7.4 Release of information
Information about your name, address, email, etc. is only used by Galerie Moderne Silkeborg to fulfill your order and inform you if unforeseen problems with the delivery should occur.

7.5 Storing and deleting of information
Information related to your order and any other customer information is stored for five (5) years, unless Danish legislation is requiring longer storage, after which the data is automatically deleted unless the information is still relevant to the Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, e.g. in connection with the fulfillment of new orders or similar. This is done to ensure proper handling of any complaints.

8. Other

8.1 Contact to Galerie Moderne Silkeborg
Any questions or requirements regarding delivery and payment etc. can be addressed by phone: +45 86 81 44 44 or the following email address:

8.2 Reservations for misprints etc.
Galerie Moderne Silkeborg can in no case be held liable for misprints or faults in images, prices, measurements, etc., or in the event of sold items, VAT and tax changes, as well as late or inadequate delivery due to force majeure.

8.3 Invalidity
If any part of these conditions should be considered unlawful and invalid and thus not enforceable, this does not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining part of the provisions.

9. Special provisions for traders
These terms and conditions do not apply to sales to other traders or public authorities.

10. Information about the Seller
Galerie Moderne Silkeborg
Hostrupsgade 39
8600 Silkeborg
Founded in 1962
VAT NO.: DK 32 59 37 98
Phone +45 86 81 44 44
Fax +45 86 80 01 99

11. Place and date
Silkeborg, 29.11.2018