Danish intimacies and complexities

Throughout his life as a man and as an artist, Pierre Wemaëre (1913-2010) forged intense, profound, sincere and reciprocal friendships.

The friendship between Pierre Wemaëre and Asger Jorn, as we know, began when they met very early in the Parisian workshop of Fernand Léger, and Asger Jorn notably offered to have them discover Denmark together. The two men exhibited their works for the first time, together, in Copenhagen in 1938...

These beginnings paved the way for close relationships Pierre Wemaëre himself has maintained with the Danes over the years, on many occasions: exhibitions in galleries or museums, the creation of monumental works, participation in many cultural or diplomatic events. They are still perpetuated today, since this year again, the Galerie Moderne Silkeborg presents an unprecedented choice of 18 works of the artist: a magnificent way to celebrate its 80 years of Danish exhibitions at the same time as the fiftieth anniversary of the complicity initiated with Willy Omme.

Exceeding the language barrier, Pierre Wemaëre was happy in the kingdom of Denmark, as if touched by this rare intimacy born from his own encounter with the country and the people in it.

Faithful journeyman, Henrik Omme animates the Galerie Moderne Silkeborg with passion for the radiance of the work of Pierre Wemaëre In northern Europe.

Let him be here warmly thanked.

Comité Pierre Wemaëre
Paris, 11 October 2018