CoBrA was a European avant-garde art movement founded in 1948. The movement consisted of artists from Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands and continued their artistic work until 1951. CoBrA wanted to show the outside world a new form of artistic expression with a political goal. They had the desire to revolutionize the society of today and correspond with them at the same time. The starting point was the original art, the abstract, the spontaneous, masks, children’s drawings, and experimental play with colours and materials.
Their goal was to show that art should be popular and for the people.

The community was an important theme for the association. Their work created as a collective had many joint exhibitions using the name CoBrA. The name CoBrA was inspired by three country's capitals: Copenhagen, Bruxelles, and Amsterdam.

The CoBrA group included more than 50 different artists, poets, and writers, who despite the movement’s short life, were and remain the source of inspiration for several of our artists today.