Leading Gallery for Modern and Contemporary Art.

In 1962 Willy Omme decided to make his lifelong dream a reality: Create a gallery for Modern Art, and the rest is history.

To this date, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg has existed for more than 57 years and has earned the status of being one of Scandinavia’s biggest and leading galleries for modern and contemporary art. The gallery also specializes in artworks from the "Cobra movement", a European avant-garde movement with artists such as Asger Jorn, Alechinsky, Corneille, Karel Appel, Egill Jacobsen, Henry Heerup, and Carl-Henning Pedersen to name a few.

Henrik Omme, Willy's son, became an employee of the gallery when he was 17 years old. Henrik became a partner with his father in 1989 until Willy's death in August 2008. During its lifespan, the gallery has brokered the largest amount of Asger Jorns paintings and artworks in the world.

Silkeborg’s world-famous artist Asger Jorn visited Galerie Moderne Silkeborg shortly after its official opening in April 1962. Jorn curiously scanned everything around him and said to the founder and art dealer Willy Omme, “ A gallery in Silkeborg - it is a marvellous idea..." and continued after a short pause, “...It will never be a success”.

Jorn and Galerie Moderne Silkeborg became close friends and formed a great work relationship for many years until Jorn’s untimely passing in 1976.

Peter Brandes, Galerie Moderne Silkeborg's most noted living artist, is recognized for his paintings, ceramic vessels, church renovations, and commissions both locally and internationally. Brandes currently holds the record for creating the largest ceramic vessels in the history of the world.