One of Silkeborg's most notable characteristics is the city's culture, specifically in world-class art. Most notable is the work of world-renowned artist Asger Jorn and his vision that has made a mark on the city at-large. Together with other cultural institutions in Silkeborg, we recognize the importance of collaboration in cultural aspects as well as the branding of Silkeborg as a premier art and culture destination.

Therefore Galerie Moderne Silkeborg gives sponsorships to the following partners: 


Museum Jorn  Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad  Riverboat Jazzfestival

Frokostjazzen i Silkeborg  Silkeborg IF  BSH

Visit Museum Silkeborg located in the town's eldest building Silkeborg Hovedgård, which was built and finished in 1767.

Museum Silkeborg

Take a boat ride on the river Gudenåen with one of the Hjele boats and enjoy your lunch at one of Silkeborg's many great restaurants.  


Wishing to spend the night in town?  We recommend; Hotel Dania or Radisson Blu Hotel. Both of whom are decorated (commissioned) by Galerie Moderne Silkeborg. They are both located around the area where the old paper factory "Papirfabrikken" is located and are the most recent to Silkeborg as the town came to exist on the map.

Hotel Dania  Radisson Blu Hotel

Over by the harbor's waterfront near the paper factory Papirfabrikken; is the location of the Jysk Music theatre. For more information on the theatre, you can visit their website by clicking the box below.

Jysk Musikteater